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Monday, 7 November 2011

Yummy Philadelphia Pasta

Preparation time approx 5 mins.  Cooking time Approx 20 mins.

Uses 1 x Healthy Extra A choice (For Milk and Cheddar cheese)
         1 x healthy extra B choice  (For Philadelphia light cream cheese)
         2 syns if adding x2 Quorn Sausage.
(If doing Extra easy you could add grilled lean bacon and this would be free!)

Cook and drain pasta.

Then add basil, chives, 71g garlic Philadelphia light as a healthy extra b choice.

Stir in 62ml semi skimmed milk and 21g Cheddar (together makes a healthy extra A choice).

For a vegetarian green option I added 2 chopped Quorn sausages for 2 Syns.
If doing extra easy, then you could swap Quorn sausages for sliced grilled lean bacon and the meal would then be Syn free!

Very yummy!

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