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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Curly Wurly Scan Bran cake (from the SW Website)

This recipe is from the Slimming World Website.  It is 12 syns for the whole cake.
I was very impressed that a cake could be made in 7 minutes in the microwave in a Pyrex bowl!!!

It inspired me to try the other scan bran recipes (the chocolate one is amazing!), and even made up my own raisin and cinnamon cake which I will post up here soon.

To make the Curly Wurly Scan Bran  cake you will need;
4 Scan Bran
2 eggs
3 or 4 tbsp sweetener (to taste)
1 sachet Belgian Choc Options
26g Curly Wurly bar

1. Soak the Scan Bran in boiling water to soften. Then drain and mash.
2. Beat the eggs and stir into mix, along with the sweetener and Belgian Choc Options
3. Chop the Curly Wurly into pieces and add to the mix
4. Pour the mixture into a microwavable bowl and cook for around 6 minutes. When cooked the cake will be springy to the touch and will have pulled away from the side.

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